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Keeping ahead of the competition when it comes to buying and selling in one of the worlds most vibrant real estate markets requires the best skills, contacts, and insights.

With an impressive proprietary database of clients, real estate developers, marketing firms, and investors, Malkin Group clients benefit from our unique opportunities, experience, and contacts.

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Chris Malkin


Born and raised in Halifax Nova Scotia, Chris understands people and community on a level some say only Nova Scotia people do. Having moved to Vancouver over 20 years ago, Chris has an unrivaled knowledge and understanding of Vancouver, he has not only witnessed but truly participated in much of its growth as an award-winning realtor specializing in Presales, Resales, and Assignments.

Prior to his career in Real Estate Chris studied Interior Design at British Columbia Institute of Technology. His passion and knowledge of Interior Design help his clients see potential where others don’t be it staging your home for a sale or identifying a renovation opportunity in your next real estate investment.

Find success with our award-winning real estate negotiating skills, eye for investment opportunities, unique contacts, and marketing strategies

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